Our students' testimonials

'Really interesting lectures. Useful, varied exercises enable you to communicative in Hebrew in a surprisingly short time. Lessons are enriched by elements from Hebraic culture - they introduce you to the world of the Bible and the Talmud, but also to some of the most recent history. Punctuality, exemplary organisation and friendly attitude. The vast majority of the learning materials are original and prepared by the lecturers - and you can and should be treating them to practice at home. I reccommend wholeheartedly!'

Bogumił, Warsaw, Modern Hebrew course

'In Alefbet Academy I was learning Biblical Hebrew on the beginner's level - using the provided coursebook. I am very satisfied with the lessons. They were very regular, punctual and well organised. The lecturer has a broad knowledge of both the subject and closely related fields, spanning from the Hebrew language to Jewish culture and history. It is communicated very well to the student, too. Textbook-based learning has been enriched by additional exercises, other text materials and computer presentations. Thanks to the lessons I am capable of reading and understanding longer texts in simplified Hebrew or shorter in original, Biblical Hebrew. I rate the quality of the course very high and recall it as a pleasant experience. I would recommend it to everyone interested.'

Paweł, Warsaw, Biblical Hebrew course

I am studying intermediate Modern Hebrew in Alefbet Academy online. The lessons are well prepared and based on interesting source materials. They are conducted in a pleasant, friendly manner. I would recommend the course to anyone interested"

Agnieszka, Wroclaw, Modern Hebrew course