Alefbet Academy
Online Hebrew academy

Individual course:
Modern / Biblical Hebrew

Fully personalised course designed for your needs; you study where and when you want, in the most suitable pace - all you need is an internet connection!

Chawruta Project:
studying with a partner

Chawruta Project is an unique opportunity to study Hebrew with a partner, based on traditional Hebrew studying methods in Yeshivas all around the world.

studying in a small group

Intensive Hebrew courses are a solution aimed at the beginner and intermediate students.

About our Academy

Alefbet Academy is the first online Hebrew school in Poland. We offer online courses in both modern and biblical Hebrew. Our curriculum is carefully designed for people both starting out and continuing their fascinating journey with Hebrew language.

About our Foundation

Alefbet Foundation’s mission is to learn and popularise international language heritage, inclusive of both modern and ancient languages, with focus on Middle and Far Eastern languages. We also strive to lead and promote innovative educational resources, in particular online distance learning.

Our Partners