Our mission

Alefbet Academy is the first online Hebrew school in Poland. Since 2013 we teach Modern and Biblical Hebrew online with our Virtual Classroom, a platform designed for one-on-one lessons with your lecturer. Our courses, both individual, group and in-pair ones are prepared by certified Hebraists and based on ulpan system, common and popular in Israel. We treat each student individually - that's why each course is personalised, with consideration of individual skills, interests and requirements of each student.

Our lecturers are passionate and dedicated to assisting the student throughout the course. Thanks to the Virtual Classroom our students are enabled to participate and learn in any given place in the world - no matter if it's in Poland or abroad. They are also able to explore their own interests in Hebrew and Hebraic culture on any level of skill. Our Facebook page is aimed at all Hebrew passionates from all around the globe - that's why we post in Polish, English and Hebrew.