Hebrew for kids

Alefbet Academy has a special program of online Hebrew classes for children - in age ranges spanning from pre-schoolers to six graders. Our young students are taught the Modern Hebrew language. We put a lot of effort to provide them with varied learning materials - utilising songs, educational games and fun challenges. Part of our Hebrew lessons involves knowledge from subjects such as geography, biology or maths.

    We make sure our kids are developing all necessary language skills:

  • listening skills - songs, short stories, games, movies, reading and recognising, pairing images, solving quizzes and puzzles,
  • communication skills – singing, repeating, following the dots or independent writing, solving tasks, drawing creative pictures and illustrations
Individual online classes allow our students to learn at home or in any other place with internet connection. Prior to the commencement of the course, in order to schedule the course and meet the lecturer, both parents and the child are invited to a consultation session.

    Our Hebrew lessons are:

  • fun – kids learn most through play and we're engage them in fun activities encouraging them to learn,
  • friendly – we stay away from judging and giving marks, so studying isn't stressful!
  • crative – our lecturers use children's open-mindeness and creativity in learning,
  • engaging - we're talking to children in their language, using educational games and puzzles - particularly computer ones!
You can sign-up at any time of the year. There is also a possibility of starting your course during an already commenced term and receiving an Alefbet Academy Certificate.