Individual online summer Hebrew course

    Why is it better to study in the Alefbet Academy?

  • you study wherever you are in the world - at home, ar work, or on the beach during your holidays!
  • all you need to start is an internet connection and motivation - and if you're lacking the latter, your passionate teacher is always there to help!
  • when you are participating in the individual course you have the ability to schedule your lessons - and, if need comes, reschedule them up to 24 hours before,
  • before you start your course you will be able to participate in a free session with your assigned lecturer,
  • your course is entirely designed for your needs - all of the resources and learning materials are carefully selected with consideration of your skills, interests and individual needs,
  • you can receive a signed Certificate of Skill.

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We are connected by our passin to Hebrew and the power of Internet. .

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Individual courses prices, modern and traditional Hebrew
(offer valid from 12th of April 2017 r.)

Number of hours in the term
Number of hours per week
Course price for new students
Course price for re-enrolling students
15 h
375 per month
1125 zł (1h = 75 zł)
350 / month
1050 zł (1h=70 zł)
20 h
1X 1,5h or 2x45 min. per week
467 zł per month
1400 zł (1h=70 zł)
435 zł / month
1300 zł (1h=65zł)
30 h
2h per week
650 zł per month
1950 zł (1h=65 zł)
600 zł / month
1800 zł (1h=60 zł)
5% discount when paying in a single instalment.