Individual online summer Hebrew course

    Why is it better to study in the Alefbet Academy?

  • you study wherever you are in the world - at home, ar work, or on the beach during your holidays!
  • all you need to start is an internet connection and motivation - and if you're lacking the latter, your passionate teacher is always there to help!
  • when you are participating in the individual course you have the ability to schedule your lessons - and, if need comes, reschedule them up to 24 hours before,
  • before you start your course you will be able to participate in a free session with your assigned lecturer,
  • your course is entirely designed for your needs - all of the resources and learning materials are carefully selected with consideration of your skills, interests and individual needs,
  • you can receive a signed Certificate of Skill.

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We are connected by our passin to Hebrew and the power of Internet. .

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