Modern Hebrew

Modern Hebrew is the final phase of Hebrew development. Unused for hundreds of years it has been revived in XIX century by Eliezer ben Jehuda; thanks to his efforts it has been gradually reintroduced to the everyday life. Ever since 1948, when Israel has been established on the maps of the world, Modern Hebrew became the official language used by around 6 million people everyday. It's a language of literature, radio, politics and Israeli culture.

    Modern Hebrew lessons in Alefbet Academy:

  • each course is carefully designed by certified Hebrew teachers, using original materials and educational resources used in many international biblical courses,
  • lessons are personlised to individual skills and interests of the student,
  • your learning is focused on practical use of language - we emphasise vocabulary, grammar and convrsational abilities,
  • we provide varied learning materials depending on your skills - Israeli newspapers, literature, discussions and dialogues and audio recordings,
  • while learning, you explore the culture of Isralel - including literature and Israeli holiday cycle,
  • our lessons are conducted in english - however on the intermediate and advanced level we aim to conduct them fully in Hebrew.

  • SMALL GROUP COURSES (3 – 4 participants)
    All courses are run on a term basis:

  • winter term: January, February, March, April
  • spring term: April, May, June
  • summer term: July, August, September
  • autumn term: September, October, November, December
You can sign-up at any time of the year. There is also a possibility of starting your course during an already commenced term and receiving an Alefbet Academy Certificate.