Biblical Hebrew

Biblical Hebrew is a west-northern Semitic language, the earliest form of Hebrew; commonly considered a 'sacred language' in both Judaism and Christianity. It was a vernacular of ancient Israel; also used in so-called Hebrew Bible, including the entire canonical collection of jewish texts (Tanakh) and a majority of Old Testament books considered Christian Biblical canon.

    Biblical Hebrew lessons in Alefbet Academy:

  • as a part of the basic course the students learn the rules of spelling, vocabulary and grammar enabling them to read simple biblical fragments. We also organise intermediate and advanced courses, aimed at studying and analysing full hebrew biblical texts, including rabbinic texts.
  • each course is carefully designed by certified Hebrew teachers, using original materials and educational resources used in many international biblical courses,
  • lessons are individually crafted based on the level of skill and the field of interest of particular student,
  • your studying will be aimed at practical use of language - reading hebrew biblical texts and elementary rabbinic interpretations.
  • your course can be conducted both in Polish or English.

  • SMALL GROUP COURSES (3 – 4 participants)
    All courses are run on a term basis:

  • winter term: January, February, March, April
  • spring term: April, May, June
  • summer term: July, August, September
  • autumn term: September, October, November, December
You can sign-up at any time of the year. There is also a possibility of starting your course during an already commenced term and receiving an Alefbet Academy Certificate.