Holiday Chawruta, or find a studying partner in the summer term in Alefbet Academy!


The Chawruta Project is a unique opportunity to learn Hebrew with a partner, based on traditional Hebrew studying methods in Yeshivas all around the world. Invite another person and together with your assigned teacher study 'Leshon Hakodesh' ('holy language') live over the internet. Using modern technology you can be in any place in the world!

We are connected by our passion to Hebrew and the power of Internet!

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"Holiday Chawruta" prices

Number of hours
per term
Number of hours
per week
Price for the course for 2 persons
(price of 1hr lesson)
Price per person
(price of 1hr lesson)
15 h
min. 1 lesson/week
1050 zł (70 zł/les.)
525 zł (35 zł/les.)
30 h
min. 2 lessons/week
1800 zł (60 zł/les.)
900 zł (30 zł/les.)
45 h
min. 3 lessons/week
2250 zł (50 zł/les.)
1125 zł (25 zł/les.)